It was thirty years ago that I came to Wisconsin, went to college and received my Bachelor Degree at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. In 2005, I began working at Spirit of the Northwoods, the largest department store in downtown Shawano. I enjoy my work as manager, working with the public and the many local artists that the store helps to promote.

As manager of Spirit of the Northwoods, I have watched silently as Mayor Lorna Marquardt and her minions deliberately wittle away at the economic base of Shawano while stimulating an atmosphere of suspicion and hate. I had hoped that she would eventually see the harm that she is doing to the community. She hasn’t. I admit that I have the weakness of trying to believe in people and give them chance after chance. But all the underhanded activities she is involved in haunts my sense of justice. So, I regret that I have said very little in opposition to all the illegal and degrading actions that she has committed against SIST and its Indian president-a native of India who so believed in the prosperity and liberty in the United States that years ago he became a Naturalized Citizen.

A very educated and visionary man, he and others worked together to establish SIST and bring to fruition an International Boarding School for gifted students that focuses in science and math. To help solve the financial demands that such an institution would create, the Board Members decided to establish businesses that would benefit the community and contribute to the financial upkeep of the School.

But from the onset of Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s reign, she and her minions have been against everything that SIST has tried to accomplish. She and her followers have threatened those who do business with SIST or treat SIST fairly, have told Lenders not to loan to SIST, and have told Vendors not to sell to SIST.

I have found the politics of Mayor Lorna Marquardt disturbing. Her methods used against those she does not like are an affront to my sense of justice, and I believe, to the Constitution of the United States as well. So, I have decided to speak out.

My ancestors fought and stood by this country, including my dad (retired Fireman in the US Air Force and a Vietnam Veteran) and my brother, a soldier in the US Army, went to Kuwait. My dad passed away in August 2010 and I will always
cherish his memory. And one of the greatest things that he taught me: never be afraid to stand for what you believe in even when others don’t share that belief. I intend to do so through writing editorials and parody. My only regret is that it has taken me a long time to take that stand.

Any written mistakes are my own. Neither, Spirit of the Northwoods nor anyone else, is responsible for what I have written.

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